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Steve Hill

Head of Manufacturing, Purdey

Strengths based coaching and facilitation using the BeTalent Strengths questionnaire has substantially impacted and helped raise the standards of the teams in the GE Power and Purdey factories. The strengths tool has been truly remarkable at getting to the heart of issues and understanding what energises the team. It is refreshing to focus on what works, rather than what is broken.

Craig Smith

Head of Learning & Talent, Babcock International

Decision Styles is by far my favourite. I have found it to be extremely valid, and clearly describes each of the different styles of decision making. I believe that this is the right tool for the assessment of our future leaders. It works well in combination with the Strengths Questionnaire and Values Fit and is great for board development.

Craig Wymant

Global Head of Human Resources, Refinitiv

We have used the Strengths questionnaire and card sort exercise across the globe to identify the Strengths and potential gaps in the global leadership teams. It has helped us to understand what we enjoy doing at work, how we would like to work together, and how we could more effectively work with each other. It has changed the way we talk to each other and the tone of the conversation.

Dawn Lewis

HR Director, MGA Entertainment Ltd

I am a big fan of the BeTalent Strengths questionnaire I use it a lot within my business, predominantly around development. My business was going through a huge period of growth and so it was a really useful tool which helped us to evaluate areas where we could draw upon people who were going to take us to the next level. BeTalent have given me the tools, skills and knowledge to keep developing my business on an ongoing basis.

Linda Litherland

Learning and Development Manager, University of East London

At UEL, Amanda has been instrumental in supporting our senior leaders with having difficult and challenging conversations. She is engaging and excellent at building lasting relationships which get to the heart of an issue and recommend solutions. The BeTalent products and facilitation is proving to be invaluable and has improved the wellbeing and performance of the leadership and Dean cohort phenomenally. It has also led to additional work with our Executive team to align their behaviour with the vision and strategy of UEL. I would definitely recommend Amanda and team to support you with developing your leadership agenda.

The effectiveness of our teams is vital

We have used the BeTalent Team tool within the NHS Solent. The effectiveness of our teams is vital to business success, so we used the Team questionnaire alongside other BeTalent tools, including the Strengths questionnaire and Decision Styles. The team found that the insight they gained into their preferred ways operating as a team was invaluable and really helped them to understand how to maximise their work with each other, and how to draw on each other’s strengths to collaborate more effectively and in turn get improved results. They have reported that they have developed a much-improved understanding of each other and feel much more engaged as a team and as individuals – and had a lot of fun using the Team cards and questionnaire in the process!

Ceri Connor

Associate Director of People and OD, Solent NHS

The tool has driven positive change

We have used the BeTalent Team tool with our Senior Leadership Team and People Leadership Team. The Team questionnaire is easy to use, time effective, easy to understand, and uses language that facilitates in-depth discussions at the team level. The tool and subsequent workshops have driven positive change with regards to how the team make decisions, now utilising a wide range of styles and approaches, and allowed us to plan according to our team strengths and potential limitations. In addition to the utility of the Team tool, Zircon/BeTalent have been a great partner for a medium sized charity like ours. Both the tool and company have made a positive impact on our senior leaders’ ability to support our children to live the best life possible.

Michael Maddick

Director of People, The Children's Trust

... we can become more effective ...

Personally, I found the Team Questionnaire report particularly valuable enabling us to understand the preference types within the team and how and why we interact as a group as we do. This insight has enabled us to continue to build on our team collaboration and appreciate the personal working styles of each member of the team, ensuring that we can become more effective in our working together. I have had no hesitation in recommending your services and I am extremely pleased to hear that as an outcome of your work with my team we have asked you to facilitate similar sessions with other teams across the business. The Strengths and Team questionnaires have clearly made a positive impact and impression on the team and provided us with a solid understanding and team foundation on which to build.

Barry Sacks

Chief Technical Officer, Phlex Global

Our senior managers were captivated

Eversholt Rail launched our inaugural “Senior Leader Experience” in early 2017. We were on the look-out for an engaging pre-dinner session which would combine the robustness of research with an innovative viewpoint from a completely different industry. We were very pleased to identify Dr. Amanda Potter from Zircon and Goldie Sayers, a three-time Olympian, who took us through fascinating insights from Zircon’s recent research on Winning Attitudes and Goldie’s leadership lessons learnt in her world-class athletics career. Our senior managers were captivated by the talk and appreciated the unique insights they gained during the evening. We learnt that not all of us will be champions at javelin throwing, but that we all have our winning strengths that we can apply to any goal. Thank you to Amanda and Goldie for a memorable evening!

Katariina Jalas

Head of HR, Eversholt