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BeTalent Teams

The use of teams is ever more important to survive in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, as teams can deliver extraordinary performance.

BeTalent Team consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise designed to identify which of the 15 roles an individual plays within a team including: Architect, Scientist, Integrator and others.

The BeTalent Team Suite of Tools

  • Are quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Help to raise personal awareness about an individual's role within a team
  • Support team development and inclusion
  • Are useful for teams to identify what is collectively important to drive success and to identify the collective strengths and gaps
  • Are fun to use with a card sort alternative to use in team settings
  • Create a language that people understand and supports better team decision making and planning given the team's individual preferences
  • Provide two reports for the user and team with collective strengths and gaps shown in the Group Team Report
Details of our reliability and validity statistics can be found in our technical manual. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact