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Psychological Safety

It is the climate at work where you believe you can freely speak-up with any concern or question, a sense of permission for Candour. - Amy Edmondson, 1999

Psychological Safety consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise designed to assess how people feel when working within their team or department. It measures the extent to which people feel included and how safe they feel to take interpersonal risks. In other words how prepare are they to be candid, to ask questions, challenge each other and to admit mistakes given the environment of the team in which they work.

The BeTalent Psychological Safety Suite of Tools

  • Are quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Have two digital delivery mechanisms: questionnaire and card sort
  • Provide detailed reports for the individual and team, which help to raise team awareness
  • Help people to understand and describe how they feel when working within the team or department
  • Measures 10 aspects of Psychological Safety
  • Offer a robust method of measuring the climate of the team or department
  • Have multiple reports available for the individual and team with recommended actions
  • Are compared against a global norm group which ranges from Individual Contributors to Executives.
Details of how we researched, built and tested this product can be found in our technical manual. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact


"Psychological Safety" with Amanda Potter - The Interesting Health & Safety Podcast


Psychological safety was not a new term for many of us at the RDSBL Leadership team, however, Zircon is helping us make this part and parcel of our culture. The work we are doing with Zircon is taking us through an important journey where the leadership team at RDSBL are feeling encouraged to share ideas and we are all discussing mistakes as learning opportunities. This clearly aligns with our institutional values of Courage, Diversity and Passion. - Professor Mohammad M. Ali, Dean of Royal Docks School of Business and Law, University of East London

Very grateful to Amanda and the Zircon BeTalent team for the Psychological Safety tool. We used it in a church setting, to help us get a realistic assessment of the health of our leadership team and how we function together. Using a 'tool' meant we swiftly got to the heart of issues that would have otherwise taken a long time to reach. We were reassured and encouraged by so much of what we learnt, and felt on a good foundation to take further steps forward. - Kat Bracewell, Minister, Windsor Baptist Church

Working with Tina and the BeTalent Psychological Safety Questionnaire has been critical for the Finance team to move forward to create an environment of psychological safety and towards our ambition to develop into a high performance team. The tool and materials are insightful and very user friendly. Tina’s facilitation ensured the team understood the concepts, created an environment where all team members were comfortable, brought the results to life and ensured the team have concrete actions we can take forward. I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Ralph Campbell, CFO, GIB UK

Dear Amanda, thank you so much to you and your team for delivering such an inspiring and insightful Psychological Safety session to our UK GWEN members. We really appreciate the time spent messaging something so important to our teams. - Kristen McNamara, Delynn Senna & UK GWEN, Robert Half

We delivered a BeTalent Psychological Safety group session for one of the sectors using their group report and there were some surprising revelations. This opened everyone's eyes & they went away with a clear action point from this about what they can do differently. The process and the facilitation was great - was awesome to see some real revelations & lightbulb moments. - Chris Skinner, L&D Consultant, Computacenter