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Companies with integrated talent management processes have significantly less turnover and 26% higher revenue per employee than other companies. Harvard Business Review.

The Blueprint is created at the start of the journey, defining what success looks like for your company and describing the future requirements of your people from which to integrate your talent practices.

The BeTalent Blueprint

  • Is created using our app or via the web browser using our online Blueprint card sort exercise
  • Is the cornerstone through which we learn about the organisation’s core future requirements of their critical employees. It is based on the Talent Equation
  • Defines in detail what a company needs. The Blueprint breaks down what staff need to know, understand and how they need to interact and engage in order to succeed
  • Is the starting point for both talent assessment, development, coaching and engagement strategies
  • Provides a clear connection to the Talent Equation
  • Creates a computer-generated Blueprint report which is then explained to the business
  • Defines what great looks like at four levels: Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader and Executive


Massive thanks to Amanda and Helen for working with myself and senior leaders from across our business to identify and create our new Leadership Capabilities. The ‘Blueprint’ provided a great approach to understanding what brilliance looks like in our leaders and the Zircon BeTalent team made the whole process simple and impactful. - Claire Dearman, Senior Talent Development Manager, The Coventry Building Society