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Blended 360

Tailored 360 questionnaires with standardised questions have the highest level of reliability and validity.

The Blended 360 uses a blend of questions to assess the individual’s core Behaviours, Expertise, Strengths and Tenets using a multi-rater format. The questionnaire assesses level of fit between the individual and the role or organisation.

The BeTalent 360

  • Is quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Can be used to assess both performance and potential
  • Helps leaders identify people with the 'right fit' for the future
  • Has comparative, external benchmarking data across a number of dimensions
  • Maps to the Blueprint and BEST requirements of the role
  • Requires feedback by trained 360 interpreters
  • Can be designed at four levels: Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader and Executive
  • Provides a robust, reliable and valid method of assessment and development


I am thankful to Amanda and her team for making the process of tailoring, implementing, and administering the Blended 360 tool very straightforward. Amanda and her team worked alongside me to tailor the tool to embody and encapsulate the essence of the values and culture of the organisation. It was a rigorous and challenging process, so I was grateful for Amanda's support and challenge to ensure that we had the right mix of questions. The questionnaire was easy to complete but also thought provoking. The team at Zircon managed the administration process for me very professionally and provided regular status updates. They also co-ordinated all of the one-to-one feedback sessions and produced a summary report of the overall themes. High praise was received from each of the participants, I would highly recommend using Zircon BeTalent products, they have been built with a level of insight and user friendliness that I have not found elsewhere. - Linda Litherland, Head of Learning and Development, University of East London

Zircon did a wonderful job of creating a team spirit within our Senior Leadership Team.They helped us individually understand each other as a leadership team. Individually we worked across the globe, but collectively we needed to understand each other, our strengths and our blind spots. Amanda and team used the in-depth 360 interviewing approach combined with Strengths and Decision Making to help us understand how we are each different. As a result, I personally got to understand myself and my colleagues and why certain dynamics are more challenging than others. The long term result was a bonded team with better communication and understanding